When planning a wedding ceremony, my services to you include, initial phone calls and meetings for the two of you to meet and interview me; then if you choose my services – any follow up meetings required, including planning (this is usually encompassed in the initial meeting however may take two meetings); e-mails and phone calls as required; preparation of all legal documents prior to the ceremony; planning and scripting the marriage ceremony format and layout; 1 full rehearsal; the ceremony on the day of your wedding; and lodging of all documents with Births Deaths and Marriages here in Perth.

Naming Day ceremonies

Baby and Child naming ceremonies are offered and the same would apply with regards to planning and scripting.

Vow Renewal Ceremonies

Renewing your vows is a lovely way to reflect your ongoing commitment to one another and to your marriage. I offer the same full scripting and planning as with a marriage ceremony or naming day.

Commitment ceremonies for couples

As you all know unfortunately same sex marriage is not legal, YET!! However at this stage if you would like to create a lovely ceremony to reflect your love and commitment to one another – I can assist with creating this ceremony with you and hopefully planning your wedding down the track not too far.....


Forever Now also means forever in your heart. As of 2014 Ingrid Reiger is fully qualified Funerals Celebrate and I can help you with your planning of the perfect, respectful and memorable funeral for a loved one. Most funeral homes offer their own employees as a Master of Ceremonies for you, however for that slightly more personal touch, I can help you with each stage of the planning process, and delivery of the perfect funaral service the day you say your goodbyes.