What do I have to do with regards to legal paperwork / license??

A: I have all the paperwork which you need – upon meeting to plan your wedding; all paperwork can be completed with me.

What documents do I need?

A: You will need a: birth certificates for each party to the marriage; B: Australian passports for each party to the marriage whom is not born within Australia; C: Any applicable documentation to confirm the dissolve of a previous marriage of either of the parties to the marriage (i.e.: divorce certificates or death certificates or proof of nullity)

How do I plan my ceremony?

A: Working together with traditional formats and any modern and individual touches which you would like we create a ceremony, step by step, including vows, readings, ring exchanges and more! There are a few legal requirements which must be adhered to throughout the ceremony; however everything else is “all about you”!!

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me